Look of the day: This could be paradise


Hello everyone. As you know I'm on holidays in Germany, and to me that means only one thing... 
Cheap make up, cheap clothes, cheap hair products as well as skin ones. And all the best quality.
It's paradise for a girl like me.
To go out shopping I wore my gorgeous kimono. Oriental inspirational, I decided to combine it with black leggings and a blue shirt. Long earrings and heels is a must this season!

I gotta say I kind of lost it when I saw all the make up, and specially the prices.
I think I bought a bit to much, but no regrets!

Purple nail polish, from "Essence"
Blue nail polish, from "Essence"
Dark blue nail polish with glitters, from "Maybelline" 

Glitter nail polish, from "Wet n Wild"
Gold nail polish with glitters, from "Wet n Wild"

Coral lipstick, from "R&L"
Pink lipstick, from "Essence"
Nude lipstick, from "Essence"
Light purple lipstick, from "Essence"

Coral Gloss, from "Essence"
Red Gloss, from "Essence"
Pink Gloss, from "Essence"

Cover stick, from "Essence"
Powder, from "Maybelline"
Trio Effect Blush, from "Manhattan"
Blush, from "Essence"

2x  Eye shadow Palette, from "R&L"

All pencils from "Essence"

Eyeliner, from "Essence"

Heat Protector, from Schwarzkopf"
Hairspray, from "Syoss"

Skin exfoliate, from "Garnier"
Day cream, from "L'oreal"
Skin tonic, from "L'oreal"
Make up remover, from "L'oreal"
Body cream, from "bebe" 

Sunglasses, from "Ernstings"

And I couldn't come home without a vogue, specially being this one so special, edited by Karl Lagerfeld. Love the cover!
Hope you all liked my shopping outfit and I'll let you know how it goes with the new make up xxx


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