Look of the day: Nature's Way


So just before going to Germany, I decided that I would say goodbye to some of my summer clothes for a while. 
This was a clean, fresh look. Very sweet and innocent. 
I must say for someone like me that loves black it's surprising and unusual to see me without a black accessory or black pants. 
You just have got to go with the flow and meet your new you.

Orange skirt, from "Bershka", Portugal
Baby blue shirt, from "Primark", Portugal
Pink Belt, from "Bershka", Portugal

Baby pink bracelet, from "Equip", Australia
Butterfly earrings, from "Parfois", Portugal
Ring, from "Parfois", Portugal

Nude Sandals, from "Shana", Portugal

Headpiece, from "Primark", Portugal
Sunglasses, from "Ray-ban", Portugal

Hand bag, from "H&M", Germany

Hope everyone liked one of my summer looks. Kisses xx


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