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So this is just a small "tutorial" if you wanna call it that way, about my hair care products.
Many people ask me how can I manage to let my hair grow so long, specially straightening it every single day... Yup I do it every day. My hair is sort of wavy, not that it doesn't suit me, it just quite doesn't match my clothes. And when I don't straighten it it looks a bit damaged and dry.
So here you go, my hair care products that were made by God himself. An alternative to having to cut your hair every 2 months.

1. Tangle Teaser hair brush. It's the best hair brush in the market, I love it! It doesn't hurt when you brush your hair, and it doesn't break your hair, and that is essential!

2. Pantene Heat Protector. I just found this product the other day, it had pretty good reviews, it's quite cheap, and it's the best for my hair so far. It doesn't let your hair go dry like many other. It's a 10.

3. Argan Oil, Moroccan Oil. So I got the Babyliss one first and it really is a miracle! It leaves your hair shiny, silky smooth and controls the damage. I recommend it to everyone! It's great! Not easy to find in Portugal, look for it in Brazilian shops they sell it. I got my one in Australia. The second one I got it in a Brazilian shop in Portugal, and this one is intense care, even better then the other one. It's a 100 out of 10!

4. Schwarzkopf Ultimate Hair Repair. I've been using it for years it's great, I recommend Schwarzkopf to everyone!

1º With a dry towel, I try to dry my hair as much as possible;
2º With the hair brush, brush the hair gently;
3º With the Schwarzkopf hair care product, I usually spray the ends;
4º Then I spread a bit, nut size, of the Argan Oil all over the hair;
5º Finalize with the heat protector, as much as possible (for me);
6º Dry and straighten my hair.

I have 2 hair straighteners, one from "Phillips" and one from "VS". I've had the first one for almost 5 years now. It's brilliant. I got the second one in Australia, as I needed one over there. Ended up bringing it back with me because its easier to get the wavy look with this one, it's a bit smaller, easier to use.

And that's basically it. The secret of a "healthy", long hair. Cutting it twice a year :p
It usually takes me about 45 min to do my hair.
And yes, I dyed my hair a few months ago, usually my hair is a bit lighter. I like it a bit darker... Goes well with everything :)

A. Meyer

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