Look of the day: Mum's birthday dinner outfit


So yesterday was my mum's birthday, and we had to celebrate it with a night out, dinner and a couple of piña coladas.
I ended up choosing a clean, not too fancy look but most of all comfortable!
It's such a pain in the ass picking the right shoes to go out in Lagos, as you are gonna get stepped on, get drinks spilled all over you, and you need to be able to dance the right way!

Green blazer, from "Blanco", Portugal
White shirt, from "Ebay", China
Leggings, from "Bershka", Portugal
Boots, from "K-mart", Australia

Ring, from "Parfois", Portugal
Clutch, from "Mango", Portugal
Sunglasses, from "New Yorker", Germany

Necklace, from "Rubi Shoes", Australia

Hope you guys liked the look, I topped it up with a clean bronze/gold make up with loads of mascara, secret of a sexy eye look.
And last but not least, happy birthday mum! Love you heaps xxx


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