Look of the day: Sunday Look


Hello everyone! 
Hopefully the weather in your country is better than here! 
A bit cold, very windy and it's raining! Arrrg got to go with a winter look, which is ok because I haven't enjoyed a proper winter in almost 3 years because of all the travelling! 
Love my black clothes and my fur! I was so looking forward to wearing this vest today! 
Hope you guys like the Sunday look.

Fur Vest, from Blanco, Portugal
Black shirt, from Ebay, China

Jeans, from Bershka, Portugal

Grey boots, from a local Portuguese shop
Hand bag, from Parfois, Portugal

Necklace, from Pull and Bear, Portugal
Bracelet, from Parfois, Portugal

Hope you guys liked the look, I've been having a great Sunday with the family. 
We went out for a typical German lunch, YUMI! And now just visiting relatives and sightseeing.


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