Look of the day: Birthday girl


Hi everyone, so it was my birthday 2 days ago, and I just wanted to show you my b day outfit.
The shirt is brand new, with leather appliances, love it! And so are the striped pants.
I had the best day with my family, friends and boyfriend that is back from Australia. 
I organized a bit of a party/bbq, everyone got super tipsy and the day after was just terrible, super hung over! 
I would show you what I got from everyone, but most of the presents was money so I think the things I got wouldn't be enough for a post.
But want to thank my boyfriend for the most amazing present, an Iphone 5. 
My 8 year old sister for by beautiful new bag. 
My mum for all the new clothes, and my dad for everything else all year, every year. 
And of course a big thank you to all my friends  :)

Shirt, from H&M, Germany
Striped pants, from Primark, Portugal

Clutch, from Zara, Portugal

KK colection bracelet, from Equip, Australia

Sandals, from Shana, Portugal



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